The Wilson Family

Beauty from ashes

Get to know the Wilson family’s story of how God used unexpected trials and suffering which led them to open up their hearts and home to foster care, and ultimately the adoption of their son, Aidan, as a means to reflect the love of God both to their new son and to the city of Rochester.


I wouldn’t say for me that IT was a lifelong calling to get into adoption. But I would say we had something going on in our life that drew us to needing to reevaluate that position and look for an opportunity for God to really move and we were open to it. -DAVE

one of the huge parts of it for us was just knowing that we were going to not just help a child, but a child essentially that’s our neighbor. That’s right here, right next to us, right under our eyes, and we just didn’t know that
he existed yet. -Cassie


it was going TO be a double blessing for us. We were going to be able to not just help a child, and give a child a forever home, but we were going to be able to do that from our own city, which is IN need of people taking these kids and loving them. -CASSIE

God gives you the challenges you need in order to prepare you for what’s next. I remember going through Aidan’s adoption looking at [Cassie] and saying, if I had to choose whether to go through that and get Aidan, or not go through that and not get Aidan, I’d choose that all over again. You don’t know what God’s given you then, but you have to suffer joyfully, and keep your eyes on what’s important, and realize that he’s doing it for a reason. -Dave