You can still give to THe Beyond offering through the end of the year!


Beyond is a movement. It's about rolling up our sleeves and getting involved in making our city and world a better place. The ministries in which we are investing give us a front row seat to use our time and talents to engage, serve, and impact others for the sake of the Gospel.

We want everyone at Northridge to START LOCAL by looking for opportunities to serve and engage right in our community. Then we must THINK GLOBAL and play whatever role we can in making more and better followers of Jesus around the world.

On Sunday, December 23rd, every dollar we receive in our offering will given away to projects and opportunities to impact our community and our world.

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Sponsor a child

Northridge Church has partnered with Compassion International to release children from poverty in the name of Jesus in Honduras. Over 300 children in one specific region are currently sponsored by Northridge attendees.

Click the link to see more children available for sponsorship.

Would you consider joining us?

Explore Adoption

Learn more about how adoption is a picture of the Gospel. Find out ways to get involved, how to support other adoptive families, and hear the stories of adoptive families and the impact that process has had on their understanding of God.

On Sunday, October 21st, a five-person team from Northridge Church traveled to the village of Maramara in the largely forgotten nation of Chad. For the last five years, we have sponsored projects through our partner organization World Concern, to help the village of Maramara begin to build a vision for a future out of extreme poverty. Click to learn more about the mission, the history, and the strategy behind our relationships in Chad.