From the very beginning, God had a global plan to bring people from every corner of our planet to himself. He promised to bless the entire world through Abraham’s lineage, eventually culminating in the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. He has been drawing people from many nations into his family again and again throughout scripture. And in the future there will be a day where people from every nation, language, and tribe will be together in God’s kingdom.

Over the years, Northridge has had many opportunities to play a role in God’s global plan. We hope you’ll join us in praying and investing in more and better followers of Jesus to the ends of the earth!

Below you’ll find a list of places and partners where we financially and prayerfully support efforts to make more and better followers of Jesus!



Cal and Carol Clark are involved in church planting and administration in Brazil. Although they live in Porto Alegre, Cal serves as Regional Administrator for Brazil and so they also travel extensively all over this vast country to provide care for over 65 adult missionaries; to facilitate church planting movements; to teach various courses on church planting, missions, evangelism and discipleship; to survey new areas where the Gospel witness is less than 1-2% evangelical; and to partner with and help train Brazilians to be missionaries in more than 12 different countries.


Brooklyn, NY

Sasha and Sarah Hallock love college students. They are passionate about helping people hear the gospel and learn to follow Christ for the rest of their lives. They served with college students at the University of Rochester with Cru, before moving about 2 years ago with their two boys to Brooklyn.

Today, they serve with a “Transform Arts” team to reach creatives and artists in the NYC area with the hope of the Gospel.


Brian and Becky Schrader currently live and serve in eastern Chad along with their 4 children, Eden, Seth, Elliana, and Abigail. Becky is a veterinarian and Brian is a Physician Assistant. They have already seen God use their medical skills in Chad to open doors. After learning enough of the local Arabic dialect and local culture in a bigger town they have now moved to a small town that is near several large refugee camps. They long to see disciples made among a tribe with virtually no believers in Christ. They seek to live in community with their neighbors, love them in practical ways like medical care, and share God’s words (in written, recorded, and story forms). You can follow their story here.

Maramara, Chad

For the last five years, Northridge Church has partnered with World Concern, a Gospel-focused humanitarian organization. The goal is to bring lasting change to the village of Maramara, located in Eastern Chad.

Click below to read more about our initiatives and projects in Chad.



Ralf and Lena Schaechinger went together to a German Bible college with the idea to become missionaries somewhere overseas outside of Germany. During their training, they began to realize more and more the tremendous need for missionaries in their own country of Germany. They are constantly looking for ways to help people become better communicators of the Gospel of Christ. For this purpose, they translated with another missionary couple the material: “The Story of Hope”.

Michael and Li (Liselotte) Landoll work in the south-west corner of Germany where evangelical churches are lacking. Most of the people they minister to are pragmatic atheists (a group of people that are not easy to reach with the Gospel). For years, the congregation in Kusel had prayed for the persecuted Christians around the world. In the last 12 months, they have had the privilege of baptizing 16 former Muslims and in the Kusel church about 35-45 refugees are attending the Sunday service.



Compassion International is a child-advocacy ministry that pairs compassionate people with those who are suffering from poverty. The ministry releases children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty. The goal is for each child to become a responsible and fulfilled adult. Northridge has partnered with Compassion to sponsor about 300 children in a region in Honduras.



Remember Me Global Initiatives (RMGI) teams with local heroes to share the Gospel and initiate and support entrepreneurial endeavors for those living in material poverty. The initiatives RMGI supports are not simply a source of income. They are part of a movement that demonstrates in very tangible ways the love of Jesus Christ, and the transformation that happens in individuals, families, and whole communities when the Gospel of Jesus Christ is firmly planted and takes root. In Kenya a local group of believers known as Einam recognized the need in their communities and took the initiative to have a lasting impact, both now and for eternity. In just under a decade, Einam has impacted over 2,000 Kenyan woman, children, and men by evangelizing and discipling, along with training them how to start and grow their own businesses in everything from fish farming, agriculture, accounting, and retail.



Lexi Bolding saw the great spiritual need of college students while attending State University of New York – Brockport and felt God’s call for her to minister on college campuses. Her desire is to reach out and build relationships with the students on campus and share Jesus Christ with them. She serves today at Monroe Community College through Campus One80 with her husband, Ben, and an incredible team of leaders and interns.


Middle East

Y. and G. Jefferson work and live amongst unreached peoples in the Middle East. Many countries of the world are closed to Americans and consider sharing the gospel illegal.  One of the best ways to reach people in countries that are closed to the gospel is to offer medical services.  The Jeffersons have been serving for the past 5 years, using their skills in dentistry to build relationships with their neighbors and refugees. They also are deeply involved in discipleship of new believers as they face struggles with sin and persecution for their faith.


Monroe County Jail

The Good News Jail and Prison Ministry shares the hope of the Gospel with inmates at local facilities.

Chaplain Brian Duclos started volunteering in the Los Angeles County Correctional System in 1984, and was introduced to Good News Jail & Prison Ministry through a friend.

Chaplain Torrance Jones is a Rochester, NY native and desires to fulfill the great commission of Christ by accepting God’s call to serve as a full-time chaplain.



Phil and Barb Klumpp teach full time at Bukidnon Fundamental Baptist Seminary (BFBS), a Bible school of around 95 students. BFBS is located in the center of Mindanao, the southernmost island of the Philippines. To the east of the seminary are many animist tribes and to the west are many Muslim tribes, about 14 of them considered unreached people groups. They are training Bible school students with the goal that some would go to these tribal groups to reach them for the Lord. Others will become pastors and Bible women in Cebuano areas. Phil and Barb do evangelism with the students on Friday afternoons and have opportunities to minister in various local churches as well.