Day 9 - Finding Healing

Today's local partner ministry is The Potter's Hands Foundation.


Guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Potter’s Hands Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to providing a safe, secure, Christian environment in which sex trafficked and sexually exploited women will receive physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, be empowered by the word of God, and learn the skills necessary for self-reliance and reintegration into society.  The year-long program will also assist these women in building a support network of healthy relationships with family, friends, church, and community.  The overall goal is to see them redeemed and restored and living a life with a future full of promise.

In January they will be opening the doors on their permanent facility and begin serving women!

Today, would you please pray...

  • for one of the individuals they have been serving with severe PTSD. She has publicly identified her trafficker on Facebook and now we are concerned for her safety. Please pray that she would find freedom from her past, safety, and spiritual and emotional healing.
  • for the women who will be in their first home. They have planned and built this home as a safe place for healing. Pray that the physical space would be protected and that the women in their care would discover the healing power of Jesus as they begin a relationship with Him.
  • for the new staff. That they would be a cohesive group who work well together and that Jesus would always be at the center of what they do. 
  • that God would provide two reliable minivans to transport the women in their care.

Thanks for praying!