Day 6 - A Resident of Maramara

Today's prayer reminder was written by Courtney Dyer. Courtney is a staff member at Northridge and she traveled with the team this past October to visit the village of Maramara.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Miriam (and her beautiful baby girl). They live in the village of Maramara. 


During our time there, we were invited to sit down and speak with a large group of women who represented the various farming groups of the village. We were eager to learn about the unique roles these women play in the rhythms of farming and in caring for their families. We also wanted to gain an understanding of some of the specific challenges they face in growing crops within such a challenging climate and landscape.

As we began the delicate dance of conversation via an interpreter, it was immediately apparent that Miriam was a leader among her peers. Heidi asked questions about their farming practices, and Miriam responded eagerly with a strong, confident, articulate voice. It was obvious she was passionate about both her work and in helping us understand it, and her words elicited nods and murmurs from many of the other women gathered with us.

As our team was getting ready to climb into the truck to leave, Miriam gained the attention of the entire village as she spoke loudly to each person on our team individually, by name. She began each farewell by saying our name followed by “Shukran” (shoo-kron), which is the casual, friendly term for “Thank you” in Arabic. She then spoke a special message to each person on our team, while the other villagers nodded silently in agreement. We’re currently working on getting this translated - our interpreters didn’t want to interrupt the meaning of this special moment by interpreting on the spot, but we were able to capture it on video.

Here are a couple of ways we can be praying for Miriam and all of the women in Maramara:

  • that the Gospel would be heard and embraced by these women. They are smart, strong, and capable women - maybe the strongest women I’ve ever met. But they don’t know Jesus.
  • for World Concern to be able to identify tangible ways to equip the village with innovative farming resources that will work best for this village in this culture

Thanks for praying!