Day 11 - A Door to Hope

Today's prayer reminder was written by Justin Laskowski, a staff member at Northridge that has served with the highlighted global partner: A Door to Hope. Justin will be leading a special exposure trip for high schoolers next year to serve in Haiti alongside this incredible ministry.

A Door to Hope exists to be the living love of Jesus to the world, and specifically, in the country of Haiti. 

In partnering with communities and churches in Haiti, ADTH works to empower the local people to grow and sustain their own communities. They desire to continue to transform our efforts in Haiti from relief mode to long-term, sustainable programs that include relational discipleship, improved homebuilding, education, and local church partnerships. ADTH is helping make more and better disciples by equipping churches to minister in a nation that is experiencing both material and spiritual poverty. 

You can be praying for...

  • the staff as they continue to seek God's will for the direction of His ministry and work that is being done for His kingdom.
  • 2018 team members as they prepare to go to Haiti, including our own students from NYM on August 3-11.
  • sustainable, lasting change in a nation that has been so harmed by international relief.
  • boldness as Haitian Christians live out their faith and make disciples, despite facing corrupt government workers and hostile Voodoo leaders.

Thanks for praying!

(Click HERE to learn more about the Haiti Ministry Exposure Trip planned for 2018)