Day 3 - World Concern

Today we would like to introduce you to our partner in our work in the village of Maramara: World Concern.


World Concern is a Christian global relief and development agency that brings hope to people facing extreme poverty around the world. We often joke that World Concern travels to the very end of the road (and then some) to find impoverished communities that are completely forgotten.

In the nation of Chad, World Concern's poverty alleviation focus is through a program they call "One Village Transformed" (or OVT). Instead of trying to tackle poverty nationwide or with a patchwork network of programs, they instead approach one community and work with them through a holistic approach that meets their needs spiritually, physically, and economically. 

But OVT isn't just a way to give food, clothing, medicine, and equipment to a community. It's much deeper and richer than that. Instead, World Concern finds community leaders and equips and empowers them to find a vision for the future of their community and to figure out how to make that vision a reality. The goal is sustainability: after World Concern leaves, villages will be able to continue growing and flourishing without dependence on outside goods and resources.

While this is all great, the ultimate goal is to go beyond the physical and economic needs to meet the ultimate needs of the people of Chad: their need for a Savior. The team serving Maramara (and other villages) is comprised of Chadians from the Christian-majority South who have stepped up to move to this 100% Muslim region to lead these development projects and share the hope found in Jesus. The benefit of this model is that these men and women already know the language and culture and can quickly begin building meaningful and fruitful relationships with the people of the villages.


Today, would you please pray...

  • for the leadership of World Concern (both local in Chad and globally at their headquarters in Seattle, WA) as they find the most effective ways to steward their limited resources to make the greatest impact.
  • for wisdom for those planning and brainstorming the development programs. Pray that they would have incredible insight into economic and physical development so they can most effectively leverage those tools to build relationships and open the door for the Gospel.
  • for the team on the ground in Chad. Pray that they would have good health as they minister. Pray for boldness in their work. Pray for encouragement as many of them spend months away from their families serving these villages.

Thanks for praying!