Day 2 - The Village of Maramara

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Today we are going to focus on the people and the village of Maramara.

Let me introduce you to Adam.


Adam is a leader in the village of Maramara and a "man of peace" because of his openness to Christianity and his support of the Christian teachers brought to the village by World Concern. While he doesn't believe in Christ as the leader of his life and the forgiver of his sins, he and others in the village have been listening to the available audio Bibles and are open to conversations about faith. Adam is at a crucial point in his spiritual journey -- while the team from Northridge was visiting Maramara we heard the news that his sister had passed away. Because you have to be flexible on these kinds of trips, our plans changed and we found ourselves at the funeral gathering with Adam, his family, and people from half a dozen neighboring villages. It's been a hard year for Adam, but we have hope that these hard moments can serve to open his heart to the message of Christ.

Today, would you please pray...

  • for Adam and his family. Pray that he would be receptive to the message of Jesus and that he would continue to help build the bridge between World Concern and Maramara.
  • for the people of Maramara. That they would be curious and excited about hearing more from the teachers and from World Concern. Pray for their hearts to be softened and that they would come to grasp God's immense love for them (a love that led to Him sacrificing His son).
  • for the teachers in the village. Pray that they would be bold in sharing their faith and that the village would continue to welcome them as their own.

Thanks for praying!