Day 27 - Open Adoption

Today's prayer reminder was written by Ashley Leathersich. Ashley is an attendee of Northridge Church, a Community Group leader, and the adoptive mother of two young, awesome children!
Today we are going to focus on praying for first families impacted by adoption.

The adoption triad consists of the adoptee, the first/birth family, and the adoptive parents. Much of the adoption narrative is focused on the adoptive family, but in recent years steps have been made to "flip the script" and give voice to adoptees and birth families. One change that helps to give voice to adoptees and first/birth families is open adoption, which has become more prevalent than it’s been in the past. 

Open adoption varies in how it looks, but it allows first families to witness their children growing up. This could be through exchanged pictures and letters, calls, or through frequent visits. However it is practiced, it is highly beneficial for the adoptee and their identity formation and gives first families the option to know their child and be a part of their life. It eliminates the need to say goodbye to their child(ren) forever when making an adoption plan for them.

There are many different avenues to adoption and an open relationship is not possible with all of them. Even in cases where it may not be, such as in an international adoption or due to safety concerns for the child, it’s important to change the often negative view of birth parents. Many make an adoption plan because they feel it’s the best choice for their child. They find themselves unable to care for the child for a variety of reasons. And sadly, many are also encouraged or pressured to make the adoption plan even though there are available resources that could help them parent.

No matter the reason, first families deserve respect and understanding as they navigate the lifelong choice of making an adoption plan for their child. It helps to think about how God may have felt as he sent his Son to live here on earth to be raised by Mary and Joseph. While not always easy, by being open to the first/birth families in adoptees’ lives, we can show Christ’s love as we see adoption join people together to create larger, stronger families, instead of pulling families apart.

Today, please pray:

  • for current and hopeful adoptive parents that they can see how they can serve child(ren) and their biological family through a willingness for open adoption.
  • that agencies, social workers and attorneys can continue to normalize open adoption and the relationships that come from it.
  • for those who find themselves facing an unexpected pregnancy, that they may have the support they need to make the best possible choice for their child and themselves, whatever that may be.
  • for the many resources available for those who need additional assistance financially, emotionally, physically as they face an unexpected pregnancy and/or adoption, that they may continue to provide for, counsel, and love those who need it.

On behalf of those passionate about birth families and adoption, thank you for praying. We pray that the need for adoption can be eliminated but that if not, we can create unity through it to build stronger families and show Christ’s love.

Thanks for praying!