Day 26 - For Our Leaders

We are in the home stretch! Only a handful of days remain in December. Let's end the month strong by remembering to pray daily about how we can go Beyond in our city and in our world.

Today we will be praying for the leadership in our city and in Chad. We know that all authority on heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus (see Matthew 28). Let's pray that those in power would wield their power for God's glory and for the good of the people they lead.

Please pray...

  • for the leaders of the city of Rochester and the surrounding towns. Pray that they would have wisdom in the decisions they make and in the way they lead. Pray that they would encounter Christ and that their decision-making might be informed by the Word of God.
  • for the leaders of Chad. Pray that the government would continue to allow Christians to travel to the country and move freely within the country so that we might share the hope found in Christ.
  • for the local leadership in the Sila region in Eastern Chad (where Goz Beida and Maramara are found). Pray that they would continue to look favorably upon World Concern and their work. Pray that they might come to know Christ and to follow Him as the leader of their lives and the forgiver of their sins.