Day 15 - Teachers of Maramara

Today's prayer reminder was written by Rob DeRose. Rob is an instructional specialist in the Webster Central School District and attends the Webster Campus. He traveled with the team this past October to visit the village of Maramara.

Today, as you keep Maramara in your prayers, I’d love to share with you some information about the school and the school year. Maramara’s school now has three teachers; Bonaface, Ozeus and Augustine. This is very exciting and allows the students to be divided into smaller classes. During our trip, registration was still occurring, but the teachers were optimistic for another great school year.


These three amazing teachers show unbiased love each day to the children and people of the village, just as Christ showed throughout his teachings on earth. These incredible men have such a servant’s heart for their fellow Chadians and want to reveal both Christ’s love and the life changing news of Jesus to the children and families by integrating Bible stories into their academic lessons.

Please pray that the students are receptive to His word and bring the gospel back to their families after the school day ends.

Below are some ways you can join me in praying for Maramara and the school that we have partnered with World Concern to make a reality:

  • for the teachers to share the gospel to the students in a way that is embraced, understood and accepted.
  • that the school continues to grow and thrive so that the people of Maramara learn and grow their literacy, math and language skills.
  • that the teachers of Maramara continue to be a light and testimony to the villagers of Maramara.
  • that the homes for the teachers are completed as soon as possible so that they can possibly be re-united with their families.