Day 1 - 30,000-foot view

Thank you for choosing to receive daily prayer updates for the month of December as part of Northridge Beyond.

As we begin, we'll start with a 30,000-foot view of the impact Northridge can have in our city and around the world. But as this month of praying moves forward, we'll share more specifically about the people, projects, and ministries that are following God's lead and making Him known by serving those with significant physical and spiritual needs.

For the last five years, Northridge Church has invested locally and around the world through this annual offering (formerly called Advent Conspiracy) with a total of over $935,000. If you've given over the last five years, thank you for sacrificing today to make an investment with eternal impact. If this is your first time joining us for Beyond, we want to say welcome and we look forward to partnering together in prayer, giving, and serving to help multiply our impact.

Today, would you please pray...

  • For those who have been impacted over the last five years through the ministries we support. Pray that they would respond to the message of the Gospel.
  • For the people of the village of Maramara, who have clean water, education, and hope for the future. Pray that their greatest need would be met... their need for Jesus.
  • For the city of Rochester. Pray that God would use the people and the resources of Northridge to dramatically change our streets, our neighborhoods, and our city.
  • For direction on how YOU might respond and go Beyond. How much might you give towards this year's Beyond offering (December 17th)? How might you go beyond just giving to serve those in need?

Thanks for praying!