Day 27 - Open Adoption

Today's prayer reminder was written by Ashley Leathersich. Ashley is an attendee of Northridge Church, a Community Group leader, and the adoptive mother of two young, awesome children!
Today we are going to focus on praying for first families impacted by adoption.

The adoption triad consists of the adoptee, the first/birth family, and the adoptive parents. Much of the adoption narrative is focused on the adoptive family, but in recent years steps have been made to "flip the script" and give voice to adoptees and birth families. One change that helps to give voice to adoptees and first/birth families is open adoption, which has become more prevalent than it’s been in the past. 

Open adoption varies in how it looks, but it allows first families to witness their children growing up. This could be through exchanged pictures and letters, calls, or through frequent visits. However it is practiced, it is highly beneficial for the adoptee and their identity formation and gives first families the option to know their child and be a part of their life. It eliminates the need to say goodbye to their child(ren) forever when making an adoption plan for them.

There are many different avenues to adoption and an open relationship is not possible with all of them. Even in cases where it may not be, such as in an international adoption or due to safety concerns for the child, it’s important to change the often negative view of birth parents. Many make an adoption plan because they feel it’s the best choice for their child. They find themselves unable to care for the child for a variety of reasons. And sadly, many are also encouraged or pressured to make the adoption plan even though there are available resources that could help them parent.

No matter the reason, first families deserve respect and understanding as they navigate the lifelong choice of making an adoption plan for their child. It helps to think about how God may have felt as he sent his Son to live here on earth to be raised by Mary and Joseph. While not always easy, by being open to the first/birth families in adoptees’ lives, we can show Christ’s love as we see adoption join people together to create larger, stronger families, instead of pulling families apart.

Today, please pray:

  • for current and hopeful adoptive parents that they can see how they can serve child(ren) and their biological family through a willingness for open adoption.
  • that agencies, social workers and attorneys can continue to normalize open adoption and the relationships that come from it.
  • for those who find themselves facing an unexpected pregnancy, that they may have the support they need to make the best possible choice for their child and themselves, whatever that may be.
  • for the many resources available for those who need additional assistance financially, emotionally, physically as they face an unexpected pregnancy and/or adoption, that they may continue to provide for, counsel, and love those who need it.

On behalf of those passionate about birth families and adoption, thank you for praying. We pray that the need for adoption can be eliminated but that if not, we can create unity through it to build stronger families and show Christ’s love.

Thanks for praying!

Day 26 - For Our Leaders

We are in the home stretch! Only a handful of days remain in December. Let's end the month strong by remembering to pray daily about how we can go Beyond in our city and in our world.

Today we will be praying for the leadership in our city and in Chad. We know that all authority on heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus (see Matthew 28). Let's pray that those in power would wield their power for God's glory and for the good of the people they lead.

Please pray...

  • for the leaders of the city of Rochester and the surrounding towns. Pray that they would have wisdom in the decisions they make and in the way they lead. Pray that they would encounter Christ and that their decision-making might be informed by the Word of God.
  • for the leaders of Chad. Pray that the government would continue to allow Christians to travel to the country and move freely within the country so that we might share the hope found in Christ.
  • for the local leadership in the Sila region in Eastern Chad (where Goz Beida and Maramara are found). Pray that they would continue to look favorably upon World Concern and their work. Pray that they might come to know Christ and to follow Him as the leader of their lives and the forgiver of their sins.

Day 25 - Take a Moment

In the midst of your celebration, would you take a minute to pray for those that don't have much to celebrate this Christmas?

All around our city (and our world), there are people living in tents under bridges. They are huddled up in their sleeping bags trying to stay warm. They wake up to the noise of the cars passing by filled with people headed to visit family and friends.

There are children living with strangers. Because of their circumstances or because of choices made by others, they were removed from their family and put into someone else's home, unable to see their mom or their dad. They might even think their situation is their own fault.

There are women who are used and abused for money. The men they think they love treat them as a commodity, exerting control by shaming and belittling them. They won't see their family for Christmas because of the shame they anticipate facing or because they feel trapped and unable to escape.

For the month of December leading up to Christmas, people are giving and helping these and many more. Shelters have an abundance of volunteers looking to make a difference during the holidays. Massive donations are given to charities to address these concerns (and to close out the books for 2017 with significant tax deductions).

On Christmas day the donations and volunteering slows (and for some, it stops). For those in extreme physical, emotional, and social poverty, everything goes silent on Christmas morning. They are left alone as the rest of us unwrap our presents, warm in our homes with friends and family by the roaring fire while Christmas carols echo through the halls.

I don't write all of this to make us feel guilt, but to remind us of how much we have to be thankful for and to challenge us to leverage our gifts, wealth, and skills to make a difference in our world.

Everything we have in this world is from God and it is all ultimately His. So enjoy what you have and celebrate together with your family. Feel no guilt for enjoying what God has given you. Carry gratitude with you in all that you do this holiday.

And also make time to pray for those with far, far less.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Thanks for praying!

Day 24 - The Answer to Prayer

Anticipation is building.

Christmas is almost here.

When we read the account of the first Christmas, we see a young woman approached by an angel of God and told some incredible and unbelievable news: she was going to be pregnant with God's son!

And her response?

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.”

For this young woman, the first Christmas was about responding to God. It was about doing what God commanded her to do. And she didn't hesitate. Sure, she had questions. But she stepped out in faith and took that next step.

For the month of December, we've been praying for ministries and been praying for the people those ministries serve. But here is my question for you...

Are you the answer to those prayers? 

As the poor and the needy of Rochester are hoping for something different than what they've seen, might YOU be the messenger that shares about God's plan for their lives?

Could it be YOU that brings good news to someone like the angel brought to Mary?

Northridge Beyond is about far more than just money. It's about going Beyond giving to engage in relationships. It's about relationships with your family, friends, co-workers, classmates, and neighbors, all while pointing them towards their need for a relationship with God.

Today, would you please pray...

  • that you would be open to how you can impact our city and our world. Pray for the courage to stretch yourself and step out to serve others so that you might point them beyond their needs here and now to consider their eternal need.
  • for those in your sphere of influence who are far from God. Take time to pray for each of them by name.
  • that your heart would break for the things that break God's heart. Pray that the effects of sin in our world (poverty, pain, suffering, illness, injustice, slavery, etc, etc, etc) would compel you to act on behalf of others.

Thanks for praying!

Day 23 - Anticipation

Today we are going to focus on praying in anticipation of God's work in Rochester and around the world.

The Bible is filled with historical details that can be verified by archaeology and other texts from the time. One of these details is found early in the Christmas story in Luke 1:5.

In the time of Herod king of Judea there was a priest named Zechariah, who belonged to the priestly division of Abijah; his wife Elizabeth was also a descendant of Aaron.

Before we even get into any of the miracles of Christmas surrounding the birth of Jesus, we find some context. It says that everything we read later happened "in the time of Herod king of Judea." Herod was a ruthless ruler who would stop at nothing to maintain his power over Judea. Despite being appointed by Rome and raised as a Jew, he didn't really fit in either world. To appease the Jews, he led lavish construction projects, including rebuilding the Temple. To appease the Romans, he had Roman artifacts and symbols erected on and around Jewish holy sites. 

Rome was in control and Herod was their puppet. And he was hated by the people he ruled because of his willingness to desecrate Jewish holy sites for the sake of increasing his reputation before the Roman occupiers.

The Jews longed for freedom from their oppressors. They longed for the glory days of the nation of Israel, free from tyranny and oppression, that they read about in their texts. And it wasn't going to come from this so-called "King of the Jews" -- this wasn't their king.

But a King was coming. The ancient Jewish texts, what we refer to as the Old Testament, tell of a coming king. This king, the Messiah, would be their Savior. But He wouldn't save them in the way many of them were expecting.

Christmas is a time of anticipation. Today, it plays out as we anticipate the lights, the food, the gifts, and all the celebration that comes with the holiday. For many it comes with pain and for others it's a time of joy. But at its core it's about waiting with the hope that something better is on the way. 

As Christians, it's remembering that the world was waiting for a true solution to the problem of sin -- the problem that separates humanity from our Creator.

Today, would you please pray...

  • for those who are hurting. Pray that they would find the true hope found in the Gospel of Jesus.
  • for those who are joyous. Pray that their ultimate joy would be found in Christ.
  • for those with significant needs in our city and around the world. Pray that their greatest need would be met. Pray that the people of Northridge would be the messengers to bring that much-needed hope to Rochester, to Chad, and to every area we are able to impact.
  • for those who have found hope in something other than Christ. Our money, our spouse, our children, our jobs, our houses, and our titles are good things -- but not the greatest things. Pray that people would give pause this Christmas to see and savor Christ, rather than the "stuff" that Christmas has become about in our culture.

Thanks for praying!

Day 22 - Open Door Mission

Today's ministry is one of our local partners, Open Door Mission.

Open Door Mission is a Christian Rescue Mission founded to provide for the spiritual and physical needs of the impoverished and homeless men, women and children of Rochester, NY by restoring hope and changing lives. They do this by providing emergency food and housing, addiction recovery programs, and community outreach.

2,000. The number of homeless children in our Rochester City School District. Open Door Mission believes this is 2,000 too many and we have strengthened our commitment to improving the lives of Rochester's impoverished by pouring time and financial resources into a new home dedicated to serving women and children.  The Women & Children’s Residential Recovery Program is a grace-based Christian life skills rehabilitation and development program designed to address the root causes of generational poverty through strengthening families.

Open Door Mission is scheduled to complete the residence and family programming by 2018. At that time we will open our doors to women and children looking to restore their family unit. Families will take part in programming that teaches them essential communications skills and will strengthen relationships. 

Today, would you please pray...

  • for the many men and women that the Mission serves. Pray that they would find healing, both physically and spiritually.
  • for more volunteers to step up and serve the neediest in Rochester. Pray that they would leverage their time, talents, and treasure to transform the homelessness and poverty statistics of our city.
  • for those who have become the stories of hope for Open Door. Pray that those who have been served and seen transformation would leverage their story for the sake of others in need of hope.
  • for the leadership of the Open Door Mission as they launch their new residential facility for women and children. Pray that the women served would find a path out of poverty into independence and ultimately they would trust Christ as their leader and forgiver.

Thanks for praying!

Day 21 - Mission Share

Today's ministry is one of our local partners, Mission Share.

Mission Share demonstrates God's love in practical ways, particularly in Greece and Charlotte. They do this through their food pantry/clothing closet and their training center that teaches life skills to help people become more independent and self-sufficient. And they do all of this while sharing the hope found in Christ.

Today, would you please pray...

  • for Mission Share's prayer team. Pray that people would step up to regularly pray to God for the people they serve.
  • for volunteers willing to help with the food pantry and clothing closet.
  • for financial resources to continue to expand the reach of Mission Share's work.
  • for the launch of Mission Share's training center. Pray for wisdom on how to strategically promote the center to impact many.
  • for the health of Paul Filipiak, the director of Mission Share. He has been facing some health issues, some of which he has been able to overcome with changes in lifestyle, but some are still requiring treatment.
  • for the effectiveness of Mission Share. Pray that they would be able to share the Gospel and see lives transformed!

Thanks for praying!

Day 20 - World Concern's Impact

Today we have some prayer requests shared by our global partner in Chad, World Concern.

Jacinta Tegman, the president of World Concern, writes this to Northridge:

“God bless you and thank you!  It means so much to know that you are standing with us in prayer.  Praise God for your faithfulness.”

Jacinta would like prayer for...

  • the Lord’s hand of protection over every staff member.
  • that the fullness of the Gospel would be experienced by every beneficiary they serve.
  • open doors for expansion into Yemen and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as they begin new programming in these difficult places.

The following requests are from Chris Sheach, World Concern’s Disaster Response Director. 

Chris would like prayer for World Concern’s work in Yemen and the Middle East. Please pray...

  • for protection for civilians who have been caught in the fighting.
  • that relief lines would be opened, allowing food to enter for those who need it, as 7 million people face famine.
  • for courage and safety for Christians who live in Yemen and the Middle East as they serve and care for their neighbors.

Chris would also like prayer for World Concern’s response to the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar and Bangladesh. Please pray...

  • for approval of World Concern projects to distribute food, nutrition supports, and warm winter clothes for children and families fleeing ethnic cleansing in Myanmar.
  • for protection for thousands of girls at risk of being married underage (12-14) since families can’t feed them.
  • for safety of World Concern staff and friends working in the refugee camps.

These requests are from Emmanuel Agouna Guissil, the Country Director for Chad. Please pray...

  • for their staff and family members (some of whom live and work great distances from their family).
  • for growth of their program areas.
  • for the spiritual transformation of those that work in their program areas and refugee camps in Chad.
  • for the new teachers in Maramara and their integration in the community
  • for Bashar, the Imam of the village, who is receptive to the Word of God.  Through him, many lives will be touched.
  • for the teachers' family members as they plan to join them in Maramara.

Thanks for praying!

Day 19 - Teaming with Local Heroes

Today's ministry is our newest global partner, Remember Me Global Initiatives (RMGI).

The mission of RMGI is to team with local heroes to help them help their own people.

For them, a hero is a person who wants to implement initiatives that help people heal, grow, and succeed. RMGI helps these heroes by providing mentoring, encouragement, prayer, and monetary grants to accelerate their efforts. Heroes serve their people by training them, providing assistance to start a business, helping them in times of need, and much more.

RMGI is currently partnering with an organization in Western Kenya called Einam that has transformed the lives of over 2,700 people, particularly widows and orphans, through unique gospel-centered, entrepreneurial training and support programs.  

Today, would you please pray...

  • that RMGI would find a new treasurer.
  • that they would gain wisdom and a clear understanding as they think through the timing of new partnerships.
  • for their partner, Einam. Pray that they would be able to fully fund the Einam Retreat Center in 2018 to maximize their "income generating activities" which support local widows and orphans.
  • for the nation of Kenya. Pray that the violence that erupted over the contentious political election would subside. Pray that lives and property, especially those of Einam widows, orphans, and their family and friends, would not be harmed further.
  • that lives would be transformed through a saving knowledge of Jesus!

Thanks for praying!

Day 18 - Campus Ambassadors

Today's ministry is the Monroe Community College chapter of Campus Ambassadors.

Campus Ambassadors creates communities of students who are discovering their direction in life as they follow Jesus Christ. They provide experience and training in servant leadership through which He can transform student lives and empower them to make a difference in the world around them.

There are four key characteristics of CA's work:

Lordship Evanglism. They don't just spread the gospel; they create real disciples of Jesus Christ—believers who commit their whole lives to God.

Church Relationship. They connect students to local churches and encourage their active involvement in church both before and after graduation.

Biblical Righteousness. They encourage students to reflect God's righteousness through compassion in their personal relationships and through service to the community.

Leadership Development. They train students to serve and influence others through Christlike leadership in the church and society at large.

Today, would you please pray...

  • that CA would be effective at reaching students and sharing the Gospel.
  • that their Vietnamese student from the fall retreat will continue to search for Jesus.
  • that interns would be able to raise their support.
  • that students will continue developing their relationship with Christ over the holiday break.
  • for vision and the planning for the Spring 2018 semester.

Thanks for praying!

Day 17 - Odette and Aime

Odette Halzia is a gift. She led the way for us in Chad with confidence and grace. I constantly looked to her example for appropriate behavior and how to connect with others. I watched with admiration her ability to talk with the villagers and the obvious relationship she has developed with them. Both men and women enjoyed talking with her and listening to her suggestions. I marveled at her confidence in sitting down among the elders of the villages with complete composure.


We were an added responsibility to her week and she showed us such warmth despite her own difficulties. One of the days she seemed to be preoccupied and we asked if she was ok; she then showed us a tooth that had obvious decay and looked terribly painful. Nevertheless, she rode along in the back of the truck and continued leading us through each new circumstance.

She does not speak very much English and I spoke less French but thanks to Google translate we were able to chat throughout the VERY bumpy rides, trading our phone back and forth learning about our respective lives. One of the things I learned was about her twin seven-year-old daughters who live with her parents. She's able to see them only twice a year and struggles to pay their school bills.

The last day, as we were leaving, at the last minute, she and Aime once again crammed into the back of the truck and accompanied us all the way to the tiny airport. Odette sat patiently next to us while we waited for the airport crew to arrive, then for us to board. Finally, they both stood outside waving as we flew off across the desert, two lone figures saying goodbye and then returning to their normal duties in a city with little concept of God as we know Him.

Aime pointedly asked how we prayed for them and I was cut to the quick. Our family has prayed for Maramara for years but not for the World Concern workers.  

Please pray for the World Concern staff in Goz Beida, that God would make them strong in faith.

Day 16 - Where We've Been

Today we are going to focus on praising God for He's been doing in Maramara. We are going to review some of the incredible steps that have been taken over the last 5 years to highlight how God, through World Concern, has dramatically changed this community for the better.


We began partnering with World Concern in 2013 as a part of their "One Village Transformed" program. The goal was to identify a number of villages that were ready for transformation, then walk alongside them to build self-sufficiency all while sharing the hope found only in Jesus.

A number of villages were engaged and only a few were ready for such a partnership. The people of Maramara were resilient and willing to work hard to see transformation. They had leaders who wanted to help and serve their people. Effective development programs, like OVT, are not handouts that create dependency on American resources. Instead, they are opportunities for deep transformation: the village receives training that helps them grow and flourish long after the partnership ends.

The women of Maramara, at that point, were forced to walk hours every single day in order to dig for water in nearby dry river beds. As the season progressed, the water line continued to decrease, forcing them to dig deeper and deeper to find something to drink. The water was filthy and illness was rampant.

The village leaders, in consultation with World Concern, determined that their primary need was fresh water. Experts were brought in to do some testing and installed a water well that to this day provides clean, life-giving water. 

In March of 2014, a fire destroyed most of the village, and because of the partnership with Northridge, they were able to survive in a way they had never been able to before. Typically, this kind of fire takes years to recover from and leaves a significant death toll (as people starve or grow ill because grain, food, and livestock are destroyed). But we were able to step in to provide temporary food and supplies, as well as seeds necessary to grow a crop to cover lost food until the next rainy season.

Since those early days, much has changed. Solar panels and a pump have been mounted on the well to allow water to flow easily and quickly without manually pumping. New crops have been introduced to extend the growing season and allow for farming during the dry season. A market has been opened to allow the villagers to open small businesses and sell their goods. Three mills and an oil press have been built to allow the village to produce flour and oil to sell. Two school buildings have been built and three teachers have been hired to provide an education for the children of Maramara to open new opportunities for success.


Let's pray thanks to God today for all He has done!

  • Praise God for a dramatic reduction in death due to illness and malnutrition.
  • Praise God for the school and the opportunity the teachers have to share about Jesus with the children.
  • Praise God for the World Concern team that brings their expertise into the conversation with the village to help spur them on and to provide insights that are physically transformative for this community.
  • Praise God that the people of Maramara are willing to engage and take the steps necessary to grow and flourish.
  • Praise God for the relationships being built between the teachers, World Concern, and the village.
  • Praise God that the village leaders are willing to engage in conversations about Jesus and the Bible.

Thanks for praying!

Day 15 - Teachers of Maramara

Today's prayer reminder was written by Rob DeRose. Rob is an instructional specialist in the Webster Central School District and attends the Webster Campus. He traveled with the team this past October to visit the village of Maramara.

Today, as you keep Maramara in your prayers, I’d love to share with you some information about the school and the school year. Maramara’s school now has three teachers; Bonaface, Ozeus and Augustine. This is very exciting and allows the students to be divided into smaller classes. During our trip, registration was still occurring, but the teachers were optimistic for another great school year.


These three amazing teachers show unbiased love each day to the children and people of the village, just as Christ showed throughout his teachings on earth. These incredible men have such a servant’s heart for their fellow Chadians and want to reveal both Christ’s love and the life changing news of Jesus to the children and families by integrating Bible stories into their academic lessons.

Please pray that the students are receptive to His word and bring the gospel back to their families after the school day ends.

Below are some ways you can join me in praying for Maramara and the school that we have partnered with World Concern to make a reality:

  • for the teachers to share the gospel to the students in a way that is embraced, understood and accepted.
  • that the school continues to grow and thrive so that the people of Maramara learn and grow their literacy, math and language skills.
  • that the teachers of Maramara continue to be a light and testimony to the villagers of Maramara.
  • that the homes for the teachers are completed as soon as possible so that they can possibly be re-united with their families.

Day 14 - Forgotten Children

Today we are going to focus on praying for children and families impacted by the foster care system.

At any given time there are between 400,000 and 500,000 kids in the foster care system in the United States. About a quarter of these children are with relatives and about half of them are placed in the homes of strangers ("foster parents"). 

When a child turns 18 (or 21 in some states), they "age out" of the system and become independent adults. They rarely have any support network and often no home to return to for the holidays.

Statistically, few things correlate with poor outcomes later in life more than being placed in the foster care system. Of those children that age out, somewhere around 50% will be homeless at some point in the first year. About 70% of all women who are sex-trafficked were in the foster system at some point. Less than half will ever attend any post-secondary education and only 4% will graduate college. About 60% of girls who age out of foster care will be pregnant by 19 and will have their second child by 21.

The ultimate goal is NOT to serve children in foster care. We long to see hurting families find hope and healing, so that a child never needs to be removed from their biological parents and siblings. We want to serve hurting communities, to help them support one another so that children grow up nurtured, encouraged, and hopeful.

Today, would you please pray...

  • for children in the system. Pray that they would be safe. Pray that they would feel loved. Pray that the pain they are facing would set the stage for God to do something incredible in their hearts and in their lives, even if it's not obvious now.
  • for vulnerable birth families. Pray that people would step up to walk alongside them and that they would find healing in their hurts. Pray that God would intervene in the hearts of parents who are at risk of having their children removed from their home.
  • for biological families to understand and desire to do what is necessary to see their children returned to their home.
  • for youth aging out of foster care. Pray that they would find long-lasting, meaningful relationships that can speak into their lives and provide a safety net.
  • for agency workers as they face the realities of their work. Pray that the daily grind of removing children and seeing abuse and neglect wouldn't break them or burn them out -- but instead it would draw them to the only source of true hope: Christ.
  • for foster families who make sacrifices to welcome these hurting children. Pray that they would advocate well for the needs of these children. Pray that they would have the strength to develop strong, healthy attachments so these children know love, even if it will hurt.

Speaking as a foster dad myself, thank you for praying. Thank you for praying for all the ministries we partner with. I pray that their impact is so huge that we can dissolve the foster care system because kids have a healthy network to rally around them when a crisis hits. 

If you'd like to learn more about adoption or foster care, you can check out the adoption page on the Northridge website

Day 13 - Women in Need

Today's local partner ministry is CompassCare.

CompassCare’s mission is to erase the need for abortion by transforming a woman’s fear into confidence. By providing ethical medical services to women seriously considering abortion in a nonjudgmental, professional, and compassionate way CompassCare is able to give them a vision of their future after having their child. As of December 4, 184 babies have been saved and 57 women have prayed to receive Christ as their Savior.

Today, would you please pray...

  • for two mature Christian women who are RNs to join the nursing team.
  • for CompassCare's vision to see Rochester lose its status as an "abortion hub" this coming year. Pray that women would find the strength and courage to have their babies!
  • for Coralee, a recent patient going through a rigorous regimen to reverse the medical abortion she started. 

Thanks for praying!

If you'd like to receive prayer updates directly from CompassCare, so you can be praying for the women they are caring for, you can sign up HERE.

Day 12 - Finding Refuge

Today's local partner ministry is David's Refuge


The mission of David's Refuge is to provide respite, resources and support to parents and guardians of children with special needs or life-threatening medical conditions so that they can be refreshed, restored, and renewed in their role as caregiver.

Weekend respite is where they see the purpose of the mission come to life. Pulled from the daily demands of caregiving and placed into a quiet and beautiful space, moms and dads are encouraged to rest, reflect and connect. Feelings are normalized as guests share their stories. Parents have permission to take a moment to care for themselves, free from guilt. These experiences have a profound and meaningful impact on parents, the way they see their life, and their ability to move forward from a place of strength.

The addition of the word “resource” to their mission statement demonstrates their goal to harness the power of weekend respite and encourage parents to commit to self care. They pledge to dig deeper to combat isolation by finding ways to better connect families within their community. They plan to increase support for parents as they prioritize themselves and their marriages, knowing that when parents keep their own fire burning, they can provide the best possible care for their children.

After six incredible years they have come to realize that David’s Refuge is much bigger than overnight respite. What they are really advocating for and working towards is a better quality of life and a community for their families. For that reason they will never give up. With each new partnership and collaboration that is set into motion, new life is breathed into their organization. There has never been a more exciting time to be a part of their family.

Today, would you please pray for these requests.

  • Please pray that they would find a committed key volunteer (or two) to gather and assemble items for the snack baskets placed in each respite guest room. Items for the baskets could be donated by businesses, collected from friends or purchased by the volunteer. This person would be driving the baskets, and the flower arrangements & guest folders provided by David's Refuge to two locations in Canandaigua and placing them in the guest rooms. It would be for eight separate weekends totaling 32 baskets.
  • Please pray that marriages and families would be strengthened because of the respite provided by David's Refuge.

And here are some families you can be praying for.

  • An adoptive family of multiple kids with special needs in Buffalo - "Iszie is having a shunt placed next Tuesday. So thankful I pushed the doctor to run more tests feeling in my gut it was not autism but more medical. Turns out the pressure in her brain is a 25... they worry about above 20 in an adult!! Also, her bio grandma is mad now because if their neurologist in Texas was more proactive in diagnosing they would've kept her. That hurts my heart on so many levels. She wasn't good enough for them when she is nonverbal etc. The doctor feels this will help her development dramatically!! Thank you for lifting our sweet girl in prayer!" - Kristen & David
  • "I saw your post on the David's Refuge Guests...and the timing was spot on.  On Saturday, my husband was diagnosed with mesothelioma and the projected outcome is not good.  We are waiting on more tests to get a pinpointed timeline, but the fact that you have a terminal cancer is a bit hard to take - certainly at age 44.  If you would like a prayer request, you are welcome to add our family." - Becky (& Paul)

Thanks for praying!

Day 11 - A Door to Hope

Today's prayer reminder was written by Justin Laskowski, a staff member at Northridge that has served with the highlighted global partner: A Door to Hope. Justin will be leading a special exposure trip for high schoolers next year to serve in Haiti alongside this incredible ministry.

A Door to Hope exists to be the living love of Jesus to the world, and specifically, in the country of Haiti. 

In partnering with communities and churches in Haiti, ADTH works to empower the local people to grow and sustain their own communities. They desire to continue to transform our efforts in Haiti from relief mode to long-term, sustainable programs that include relational discipleship, improved homebuilding, education, and local church partnerships. ADTH is helping make more and better disciples by equipping churches to minister in a nation that is experiencing both material and spiritual poverty. 

You can be praying for...

  • the staff as they continue to seek God's will for the direction of His ministry and work that is being done for His kingdom.
  • 2018 team members as they prepare to go to Haiti, including our own students from NYM on August 3-11.
  • sustainable, lasting change in a nation that has been so harmed by international relief.
  • boldness as Haitian Christians live out their faith and make disciples, despite facing corrupt government workers and hostile Voodoo leaders.

Thanks for praying!

(Click HERE to learn more about the Haiti Ministry Exposure Trip planned for 2018)

Day 10 - Hope for Beechwood

Today's local partner ministry is 441 Ministries.

The heart of 441 Ministries Beechwood is the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ as it comes to bear on our broken lives and the broken relationships and places in which we find ourselves. Their focus is specific: the Beechwood neighborhood of Rochester. Through the practice of re-neighboring they have answered the call of God to love and serve that community and to be the hands and feet of Jesus and walk alongside their neighbors, that they too may discover that hope. Whether through various children's programs, teen mentoring, community meals, health and wellness initiatives, men's and women's bible studies, or economic development, their mission is to see their neighborhood flourish spiritually, emotionally, and economically as the gospel impacts the lives of our neighbors.

If you get a chance, go check out New City Cafe, which provides jobs and a community space for the Beechwood neighborhood (and they have GREAT coffee).

Today, would you please pray...

  • for their neighbor "R" and his family for salvation and deliverance from addiction.
  • for the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority's "Reimagine RTS" program. Pray that it would create much more efficient and user-friendly bus routes enabling their neighbors to get about more easily.
  • for discernment and vision for their leadership as to the best ways of engaging their neighbors for the sake of the gospel.
  • for adequate funding to sustain and hopefully expand their programs, as well as additional board members with the talents and expertise to carry 441's ministry into the future.

Thanks for praying!

Day 9 - Finding Healing

Today's local partner ministry is The Potter's Hands Foundation.


Guided by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Potter’s Hands Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to providing a safe, secure, Christian environment in which sex trafficked and sexually exploited women will receive physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, be empowered by the word of God, and learn the skills necessary for self-reliance and reintegration into society.  The year-long program will also assist these women in building a support network of healthy relationships with family, friends, church, and community.  The overall goal is to see them redeemed and restored and living a life with a future full of promise.

In January they will be opening the doors on their permanent facility and begin serving women!

Today, would you please pray...

  • for one of the individuals they have been serving with severe PTSD. She has publicly identified her trafficker on Facebook and now we are concerned for her safety. Please pray that she would find freedom from her past, safety, and spiritual and emotional healing.
  • for the women who will be in their first home. They have planned and built this home as a safe place for healing. Pray that the physical space would be protected and that the women in their care would discover the healing power of Jesus as they begin a relationship with Him.
  • for the new staff. That they would be a cohesive group who work well together and that Jesus would always be at the center of what they do. 
  • that God would provide two reliable minivans to transport the women in their care.

Thanks for praying!

Day 8 - In The Jail

Today's local partner ministry is the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry.


The mission of the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry is to reach every inmate in the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ that they might become growing disciples. The work of the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry is to plant and build the church of Jesus Christ around the world. Our work takes us to places most would never consider – jails and prisons – where we are seeing God do amazing things in the hearts and lives of men, women and children behind bars.

The local chapter serves in Monroe and Wayne Counties. The chaplains handle all daily requests for spiritual counsel and when allowed they look for opportunities to share the Gospel. They lead discussions and Bible studies for inmates who are interested. They pray for inmates who want to pray. They also oversee eleven services every weekend between the three jail facilities to build a community for those who are seeking. 

Today, would you please pray...

  • for new people willing to serve with the ministry with whatever gifts they have.
  • for the inmates to be receptive to God's Word in new and refreshing ways. Pray that God would soften hearts and that broken lives would begin to be transformed.
  • for the chaplains to be effective. Pray that they would balance the demands of ministry, family, church and training/education well.
  • for new financial partners to continue to support the work of the ministry.

If you'd like to learn more about the Good News Jail & Prison Ministry and would like to engage more in praying for this ministry, they are hosting their annual Prayer Breakfast TOMORROW (Saturday, December 9th) at 9:00a at Koinonia Fellowship (500 Main Street, East Rochester, 14445).

Thanks for praying!