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Going Beyond Poverty

Josh Horn, 10/16/18

Crossing an Ocean, Crossing the Street

Matt Sones, 10/17/18

When in Chad

Josh Horn, 10/18/18

Sister Reach

Michelle Gerringer, 10/19/18

Helping Without Hurting

Josh Horn, 10/20/18

A Legacy of Faithfulness

Brad Van Heukelum, 10/21/18

Arrived Safely in Chad

Josh Horn, 10/22/18

Chadian Thank You Notes

Various Team Members, 10/23/18

Creative Packing

Josh Horn, 10/24/18

Beauty in the Chaos

Beth Visser, 10/25/18

Headed to Maramara

Josh Horn, 10/25/18

A Legacy of Faithfulness, Part 2

Brad Van Heukelum, 10/25/18

We visited Maramara!

Josh Horn, 10/26/18

Water, Television, and Pasta

Michelle Gerringer, 10/27/18

A Posture of Confidence and Hope

Brad Van Heukelum, 10/28/18

A Peanut Farm

Matt Sones, 10/28/18

Headed Home

Josh Horn, 10/30/18

Seeing an Imam cry…

Brad Van Heukelum, 10/31/18

Chad Picture Gallery

Josh Horn, 11/2/18

First you must be…

Brad Van Heukelum, 11/3/18

Selfie with a Sultan

Michelle Gerringer, 11/5/18

A joy that testifies…

Benjamin Ndizeye, 11/6/18

A photo can bridge gaps

Beth Visser, 11/7/18


Matt Sones, 11/9/18

Chad Picture Gallery 2

Josh Horn, 11/12/18

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Mike Owen, 11/14/18